Has it really been a year since I have last posted? Really? A year?

I will admit, blogging is on my mind frequently. I love it. I love reading back and seeing what our days were like. I love being able to go back and watch the kids grow through the years. I have been blogging since Jacob was just a few months old.

Blogging also keeps me inspired to create and write. It’s sort of like an outlet for me. I miss it.

I’d love to start again. It will be too much to catch up on all that has happened this past year, so I won’t be doing any of that. No. I will just start off fresh. How about tomorrow?

I’ll see you then!


garden planning

Spring is just around the corner. I see it in our daffodils. I smell it in our hyacinth. I feel it in this windy air.

Besides admiring all of these pretty flowers that emerge from their bulbs and greet us with their beauty every year around this time, I’ve been planning this year’s garden– which will hopefully include a couple of new raised beds for growing food and a couple more for flowers. I’d also like to get our front beds fixed this year. I say it every year. Who knows, maybe this year we will actually make it happen! (How’s that for positive thinking?)

Around my house you will find gardening notes, plans, books, and seed catalogues lying around in just about every corner.

We’ll be starting a lot of our plants from seeds this year, just as we did last year. The kids always have so much fun planting seeds. What’s even more exciting is that a few of the seeds we plan to grow this year were actually harvested from last year’s plants. I can’t wait to see how those turn out!

Well, hello there!

As you can tell, I’ve been absent from blogging… yet again. Lots going on. Busy times ’round here I tell ya.

Miss Sophia is on the go. She has even started walking these past few weeks. At 9 months! Can you believe it?

She took a total of 13 steps two weeks ago. What an exciting thing to watch! We really are having a lot of fun with her. Watching her grow and develop her own little personality. Definitely one of my favorite things about being a mommy.

Jacob has been doing well in preschool. He really enjoys the two days a week that he goes. He comes home with all sorts of crafty things. His art work is really starting to grow. His drawings are becoming more clear, he is using more colors when coloring (he used to use one color for a project), and he’s just becoming all around more artistic. Love it!

His funny and sweet comments never end. This little boy has me wrapped I tell ya. Last night as we were snuggling in bed he told me, “Mommy, your hair is so beautiful. You are gorgeous! I love you the best!” He sure knows what to say to make my heart melt.

Emma is still two. And she has been pushing our buttons more than ever lately. (Three, how long away are you?!) But she is still her lovey, snuggly self deep down. She has been having so much fun playing with her BFF, Maisie. From the moment she wakes up she asks for her.

Emma: Mommy, I want to play with Maisie.
me: Not right now, maybe a little later.
Emma: But I love her!

Pure cuteness. Those girls, though two and attitudey at times, really are two peas in a pod. I can’t wait to watch them grow up together.

On to my newest craft project! I came across this bear hat on flickr the other day. I fell in love with it and knew instantly that I had to make one.

Source: flickr.com via Valerie on Pinterest


I put my own little spin on it and came up with this:

I have to say that it is by far my favorite thing I have ever made. I’ve made plenty of bear hats over the years, but this one takes the cake! I’m just so sad that this cooler weather won’t be lasting much longer. Believe me, Sophie will be wearing this every chance we get until it is just too hot to wear anymore.

san ferdinand

Please meet one of the newest members of our clan: San Ferdinand. He (or she– we’re still unsure about that) is an Indian Runner duck. And boy, is he a cutie in the goofiest sort of way. Indian Runner ducks are known for thier upright stance and running instead of waddling. I originally wanted a Pekin, but was given a Runner on accident.

As you can imagine, the kids are over the moon excited. They tote this little ducky around as much as their mommy will allow. And we all have a blast watching him swim around in the tub. Too freakin’ cute I tell ya.

My only complaint is that he is very skiddish. He gets scared very easily and when you go to pick him up from his brooder, he runs around like crazy knocking over his food and water. I did some reading on Runner ducks and it turns out that this is normal for the breed. I’m hoping that a lot of handling will calm this little guy down.

So back to his name. When we went to the poultry farm to pick him up, one of the other customers asked Jacob what he was going to name his duck. He replied with, “San.” I originally though he said ‘Sam’, but when I asked he said, “No, SAN”. I asked him what San meant and he said, “San means a really fast duck!” It’s funny that he said that because it turns out that San is a fast duck!

Mike and I liked the name Ferdinand. Have you ever seen the movie Babe? Well, the duck from Babe is an Indian Runner duck. And his name is Ferdinand. I asked Jacob if it was okay to name him Ferdinand and he told me no, his name was San… and he wouldn’t back down. So what’s a mom to do? I gave in to his goofy name for our goofy duck and just gave him a middle name. And so San Ferdinand it is.

Since I’m so far behind now, I’m just going to skip the usual description that goes along with each photo. Hope you don’t mind 😉

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I realize that I am very behind on my project 366 postings. But I promise, the photos have been taken every single day. I was planning on doing a re-cap tonight, but I am exhausted. So, if all goes well, it will happen tomorrow.

And just because a post is boring without a photo, here is one of Miss Sophia enjoying a beautiful afternoon outside.

If you were to come to my house and rob us (which I hope you won’t), you would be better off breaking into my office where I stash my yarn, rather than my jewelry box, as I have much more money invested in yarn. I’m dead serious.

Now first, let me start of by saying I used to make a ‘living’ (and I use that term lightly since I made nowhere near close enough money to be ‘living’ off of) crocheting hats with some of said yarn.

unfortunately, I am no longer making hats. So a lot of the yarn that I have is leftovers from when I did. I love looking at it though. And it makes me sad when I finish a skein and don’t have one to replace it with. Hoarder? It’s quite possible. And my husband sure does think so.

(I also have a fabric addiction, too. And I have the same mind-set as with the yarn that I don’t ‘waste’ it. I want to save it for the perfect project. One that never seems comes around. And so it just sits. And yard by yard, I add to my collection. But that is a whole other story…)

Back to the yarn… When my shop was up and running I purchased a lot of yarn in bulk that I used a lot of. It just sat in boxes on our office floor. I HAD to figure out a way to get it out of the box and store it nicely. I got the idea for my yarn storage system from small yarn shops. Most of them seemed to store their yarn in small square cubby units.

In Jacob’s room we have a cubby unit that we use to store toys and books, which turns out to be the perfect thing to store your yarn in also! We made a trip to Target and purchased the same exact one in black to match our bookshelves that are also in the office. I was so excited to put all of my yarn in each cubby, and it looked SO much nicer than in a box.

The yarn that doesn’t quite fit in it is stored nicely in two baskets and whatever you’d like to call that black storage thing in the middle. My scraps are stored here and there in different baskets and drawers all over the room…

I would eventually like to get another cubby unit that I could possibly mount on a wall. Our office is the tiniest room in the house. And it holds a lot of things: computer desk, a printer desk, two big bookshelves, my yarn organizer, and a smaller plastic drawer set that holds different odds & ends– something that I’d just love to get rid of… So I figure it would be beneficial to utilize some of our vertical space.

Maybe if I ever get into the hat business again I’ll make it happen… We’ll see. How do you store your yarn??