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Today I am braving the shave! We are heading over to my in-laws and taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese. I figure that’ll keep me busy all day until it’s time to head on over to  Bald in the Boro, our local event for the St. Baldrick”s Foundation.

I will make sure to post before and after photo’s tomorrow, but until then I have something else to share with you. I was going through old blog posts and came across this post (I also blogged about it here as well) about my chevron blanket. I’ve since finished it and thought I’d share some photos of it in action.

autumn wheat chevron ripple blanket

autumn wheat chevron ripple blanket

autumn wheat chevron ripple blanket

autumn wheat chevron ripple blanket.

 Pattern (Free) :: Ravelry Notes ::  And this photo inspired my choice of colors.

As you can see, this blanket sure does get a lot of love! I am so happy with how it turned out.  I definitely see another ripple blanket it my future…


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I mentioned visiting the website design seeds for color inspiration the other day in a previous post. For those of you unfamiliar with design seeds, it is basically a great source in finding color inspiration.

I don’t know about you, but a significant amount of my time in brainstorming a project is spent trying to come up with the right colors. There’s nothing worse than working something up and investing time into a project to realize that the colors aren’t working well together. And this is where design seeds has come to my rescue!

My inspiration for my first ever chevron stripes blanket came to me through design seeds. I just browsed through the endless photos until something spoke to me. That’s when I found this photo:

I was looking for something different, something non-girly so to speak. And autumn wheat was it! I fell in love and made a trip to JoAnn’s to pick up a few of the colors that I didn’t already have on hand as soon as I could.

I decided to go with Vanna’s Choice yarn. It’s easy to find, reasonably priced (especially when it’s on sale– and it was!), and available in a huge variety of colors. I was able to find very close matches to those shown in the ‘autumn wheat’ photo which made me one happy lady.

For the chevron pattern, I used the Neat Ripple Pattern that can be found over at Attic 24. It’s easy to follow with clear instructions and detailed photos.  And free.

I am just loving the look of this blanket so far! And so very thankful for design seeds for the color inspiration.

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