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I love crocheting. I really, honestly do. If my hands ever have a spare moment, I like nothing more that to hold a hook and yarn in them. It relaxes me and takes me to my happy place. But recently I’ve been itching to knit. And I feel as if I’m cheating on my hooks.

Yes, it’s true. Silly. But true.

You see, I just love the look of knitted clothing. Over the last couple of years I’ve been collecting some beginner knitting books and purchasing a few patterns online here and there. I’ve even made a garter stitch scarf for Emma a few Christmases ago. It was awful, but I made it nonetheless.

I have a problem that when I first learn something I want to be PERFECT at it immediately. I want it to come easy. And that is not always the case.

I remember five years ago when my Nanny first taught me to crochet when Jacob was only a month or so old. I got so frustrated at times and wanted to just give up. But I didn’t. I kept going. And eventually I got pretty good at it.

I just need to remind myself of this as I am trying to teach myself to knit. Practice really does make perfect. And eventually, if I keep at it, I will get better.

I’ve successfully knitted quite a few things lately. As soon as one things comes off the needles, I immediately cast on another project. And quite often, I have quite a few projects going at once.  Oh, yes.

So what I have I been working on lately? I’ll show you!

photo (58)

Pattern: Pebble Vest   My Ravelry Notes

photo (61)

Pattern: Plain Vest (Size 12 months pattern is  free, additional sizes available to purchase)   My Ravelry Notes

photo (60)

photo (71)

Pattern: in-threes: a baby cardigan   My Ravelry Notes

in-threes cardigan

Pattern: in-threes: a baby cardigan   My Ravelry Notes

As you can see in the pictures I have slowly got a little bit better. There is still a lot that I need to work on. But if you are a newbie knitter looking for some simple garment patterns, I really suggest the patterns above. Any questions that I had regarding the patterns were quickly answered by doing a simple youtube search. (Oh, google and youtube— where would I be without you?!)

I’ve mad e a few other things too that I haven’t got around to photographing. But I’ll be sure to share them as soon as I do. One of those finished projects may even be for me. Would you believe it?

I have something else very personal to share with you tomorrow. See you then!


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Is it just here in Tennessee, or has this Winter weather been pretty crazy where you live too? I am the first to admit that I am not a fan of the cold. I am a true Floridian through and through. Ever since moving up here 4 years ago now, I dread this time of year and become quite the homebody and only go outdoors whenever it is absolutely needed.

This past week we’ve had some pretty warm temperatures. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining! I am actually loving it! Minus the tornadoes.

I took full advantage of the weather and went ahead and dressed Sophia in her vintage cardigan (pattern info and yarn blogged here). The photos I took of her in action were pant-less, but I promise before we left the house I put some on her 😉

ps. please excuse the blurry-ness of the photos. this little lady just won’t sit still!

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I know just about every mom uses a bib here and there. For spit up when babies are new and for eating solids when they are a little bigger. Then there are those babies (like mine) that wear them constantly for the first 5-6 months or so. I really mean CONSTANTLY. My babies are projectile spewers (is that a word?). I’m not talking a dribble her, a dribble there. I’m taking A LOT and VERY frequent. Not only would I have to change the babies clothes multiple times a day, but my clothes  would also need to be changed as well. There were also constant spit up splatter marks all over my hardwood floor. Am I painting a pretty picture for you??  Burp cloths and bibs really were my best friends.

In using them so often I found that  terry cloth, flannel, and knit fabrics were the most absorbent (and soft).  Soft terry cloth works best, but flannel comes in many cute prints and is very easy to find (if you’re looking to make your own). I loved our flannel bibs. I made bunches of them.

For burp cloths, nothing compares to a prefold cloth diaper. The Gerber ones are OK if that’s all you can get, but chineseindian diaper service quality prefolds work even better and are extra absorbent.

I know you all have seen the embellished prefold with the fabric down the center. They are super cute, but a lot of them that are made have a cotton fabric sewn down the center. Which is adorable. But, cotton fabric is not that absorbent. That’s why when embellishing prefolds I like to use knit fabric. It’s cozy & soft to the touch and more absorbent, especially when sewn onto a cloth diaper. (I’d just like to add that I absolutely hate sewing with knit fabric.)

Now remember all those baby girls that I made all those teeny hats for? Well I got to work making some bibs for some of those special little cuties. I’d like to get some new burp cloths made up too. I like to dye my cloth diapers pretty colors, so that process requires a little more time. Like kids have to be sleeping kind of time.

Hopefully these little ladies they won’t need them as often as my babies did (especially Jacob & Sophie), but if they should, they will work great!

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I love to match the girls. It drives my husband nuts.

My mom dressed my sister and I in matching clothes growing up. I remember as I got older the novelty of matching wore off and it was pretty uncool. But for now, while they are little, I will enjoy dressing them alike.

With that in mind, I sewed each of the girls something special using the same adorable Michael Miller hedgehog meadow fabric. Emma received a skirt while I made Sophie the quick change trousers (pattern by Anna Maria Horner and available in her book Handmade Beginnings).

The skirt was easy peasy. The pants on the other hand were a bit more difficult. They are reversible. I’ve never sewn anything reversible. So that in itself was a challenge. I will also admit that I am a very novice sewer. So pattern reading and following directions require a lot more attention from me. After finishing the pants, I realized that the pattern was actually quite simple. I find that the first time I make something it’s usually more difficult than the second.



Reverse Front

Reverse Back

The fabrics came together quite well. I love the contrasting fabrics on the bum and cuffs. So cute!!

Both of the girls have already worn their new duds (the pants had just come out of the dryer, which is why they are wrinkly). I have yet to get a photograph of them in use yet, however, they look mighty cute matching and all if you ask me!

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It seems like everyone I know is either pregnant with a girl or has had one within the last year (including me!). So to celebrate all of these lovely ladies, I spent a couple of days making itty bitty pretty hats.

I made a few of my ‘regulars’…

(courtesy of Jamie Lynn Photography— photos taken for my old Etsy shop)

And some of these– which I didn’t have photographed yet:

Some of the hats I made doubles of, bringing the total hat count to seven. I love making newborn hats. They’re so cute and they work up really fast. instant gratification!

I’d like to give a special thanks to Emma’s dollies, Alana & June, for modeling some hats for me. As a thank you gift I think some doll hats are in order. 🙂

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I came across this sweet vintage cardigan while searching on ravelry for an infant sweater to make for Sophie as a Christmas gift. I fell in love with it the moment I layed eyes on it and got started making it right away.

I ended up just using some yarn that I had on hand (bernat softee baby in pink & baby bee sweet delight in naked and teddy). The colors worked very well together and gave it a lovely neapolitan look. I would have loved to add some pretty vintage buttons, but unfortunately I am lacking in the cute button department. So I went with what I had.

After finishing it and trying it on Sophie it fit perfectly. My only wish would be that I would have added a tad bit more to the length so it would fit longer. I really enjoyed making it though and have no problem making another one once she grows out of it. I would also like to make one for her older sister as well. I’m thinking Spring cardigans. Not sure what colors I will go with. Perhaps something with aqua… ’cause I’m just lovin’ the aqua.

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You may remember a post a while back when I made my first set of granny squares. Well, like a lot of crafting projects it never got around to being finished before I started on another project… (This happens much more often than I’d like to admit.)

I kept in mind the pattern I used and decided to go with more girly colors to match the girls’ room. Believe it or not I have quite a few granny squares completed. I’m guessing about 50 or so. This project is still a WIP (work-in-progress), but I’m vowing here that it will be completed at one point or another.

I love how the colors came together. I used Vanna’s Choice Baby yarn in lamb, pink poodle, aqua, and sweet pea. The granny pattern was free and can be found here at Jellywares.

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