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We are getting ready to go on a family vacation to the Smoky Mountains! My dad, step-mom-to-be (she’s been a step-mom-to-be for over 10 years now– time to get married Jenn!), little brother & sister and nephew will be joining us at the cabin. I am very much so looking forward to it! Our cabin has the best view. Photos do it absolutely no justice. The kids are excited as well and are eager to get going. This will be our third time staying there. It’s become sort of like a home away from home.

Knit Spring Shirt

I was hoping to have finished a Spring Shirt for each of the girls to wear while we were there, but that didn’t happen. I finished one of them and I’m not too crazy about how it turned out. Looks like I’m going to frog it, again. Yes, again!! It will be the second time. It’s just not fitting Emma right. Arg.

crochet hooded capelet

I was also hoping to have finished two hooded capelets, but again, only finished one. The pattern calls for self striping sock yarn and I got a great deal on sock yarn at Joann’s. The yarn is originally $6 a skein and I got it for $2.50! I’m really happy with how it turned out and will definitely be posting some action shots soon.

I’m going to make this post short and sweet. I really need to get back to packing!

Mountains– here we come!


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Today I am braving the shave! We are heading over to my in-laws and taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese. I figure that’ll keep me busy all day until it’s time to head on over to  Bald in the Boro, our local event for the St. Baldrick”s Foundation.

I will make sure to post before and after photo’s tomorrow, but until then I have something else to share with you. I was going through old blog posts and came across this post (I also blogged about it here as well) about my chevron blanket. I’ve since finished it and thought I’d share some photos of it in action.

autumn wheat chevron ripple blanket

autumn wheat chevron ripple blanket

autumn wheat chevron ripple blanket

autumn wheat chevron ripple blanket.

 Pattern (Free) :: Ravelry Notes ::  And this photo inspired my choice of colors.

As you can see, this blanket sure does get a lot of love! I am so happy with how it turned out.  I definitely see another ripple blanket it my future…

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If you were to come to my house and rob us (which I hope you won’t), you would be better off breaking into my office where I stash my yarn, rather than my jewelry box, as I have much more money invested in yarn. I’m dead serious.

Now first, let me start of by saying I used to make a ‘living’ (and I use that term lightly since I made nowhere near close enough money to be ‘living’ off of) crocheting hats with some of said yarn.

unfortunately, I am no longer making hats. So a lot of the yarn that I have is leftovers from when I did. I love looking at it though. And it makes me sad when I finish a skein and don’t have one to replace it with. Hoarder? It’s quite possible. And my husband sure does think so.

(I also have a fabric addiction, too. And I have the same mind-set as with the yarn that I don’t ‘waste’ it. I want to save it for the perfect project. One that never seems comes around. And so it just sits. And yard by yard, I add to my collection. But that is a whole other story…)

Back to the yarn… When my shop was up and running I purchased a lot of yarn in bulk that I used a lot of. It just sat in boxes on our office floor. I HAD to figure out a way to get it out of the box and store it nicely. I got the idea for my yarn storage system from small yarn shops. Most of them seemed to store their yarn in small square cubby units.

In Jacob’s room we have a cubby unit that we use to store toys and books, which turns out to be the perfect thing to store your yarn in also! We made a trip to Target and purchased the same exact one in black to match our bookshelves that are also in the office. I was so excited to put all of my yarn in each cubby, and it looked SO much nicer than in a box.

The yarn that doesn’t quite fit in it is stored nicely in two baskets and whatever you’d like to call that black storage thing in the middle. My scraps are stored here and there in different baskets and drawers all over the room…

I would eventually like to get another cubby unit that I could possibly mount on a wall. Our office is the tiniest room in the house. And it holds a lot of things: computer desk, a printer desk, two big bookshelves, my yarn organizer, and a smaller plastic drawer set that holds different odds & ends– something that I’d just love to get rid of… So I figure it would be beneficial to utilize some of our vertical space.

Maybe if I ever get into the hat business again I’ll make it happen… We’ll see. How do you store your yarn??

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