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I set a goal for myself this year to make one handmade Christmas ornament a month. Leaving me with 12 new handmade ornaments for our Christmas tree this year. I chose to do it this way because by the time Christmas comes around I find myself overwhelmed with everything. Every year I say I will begin making Christmas gifts in July. And every year I’m busy working away last-minute trying to get things done. And half of it remains incomplete or not even started. So instead, I am starting early. WAY early.

I was inspired by the book Falalala Felt to make this little blue bird. It’s based on the ‘little birds garland’. My printer is out of  ink so I couldn’t scan and enlarge the template in the back of the book. So instead I just winged it.

Please excuse the sloppy blanket stitch. It’s my first time using that stitch so it’s looking a little rough! Besides the sloppy stitching, I think it came out pretty cute! One ornament down,  eleven to go.


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