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St. Badlrick's Foundation

So, it happened. I’m bald!! I thought I would be more nervous than I actually was. It really wasn’t that bad at all! And I feel SO great about it!

Thank you so, so much to EVERYONE who donated. You helped me raise $1040.00!! I still can’t believe it. My heart feels so full with all the generosity everyone has shown in helping me with this wonderful cause. Wow!!

I know you’re just dying to see. So here’s a little before and after for you!

St. Baldrick's

Would I do it again? Absolutely! In a heart beat. In fact, perhaps in a few years (when it grows back enough for me to donate even more hair) I will sign up again. I can’t wait.

If you are interested in joining this wonderful cause you can read all about it here. There are events to participate in all over the country. It’s life changing, I promise.


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